Contrasting two worlds

Situated by the side of beautiful River Main, it is probably the most picturesque city has so many things to offer to its visitors. Along with so many attractions from the cultural, economical and political perspective, Frankfurt welcomes you as a young, multifaceted and modern city. In this eye catching cityscape, 25 Hours Hotel Frankfurt the Goldman will definitely a place where you can spend your Frankfurt days in the warm, cosy and plush atmosphere.

The 25hours Hotel Frankfurt The Goldman perfectly fits with the city’s transformed design by the expert creative hands. This hotel is surely going to impress you enough with its colourful statement with the sharp contrast with the squalid look. Situated in Frankfurt’s Ostend, the hotel consists of two parts along with the contrasting guest rooms. In the western wing’s 49 rooms you will definitely get the flavour of real local charm of Frankfurt where the city has been presented as an urban metropolis and a city worth living and visiting ruled by its fate. On the contrary, the 48 rooms of the eastern wing represent the architectural and philosophical taste of the United Nations headquarters in New York.



Niddastrasse 58
60329 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 25 66 77 0

25hours hotel by levi’s

The 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi’s isn’t just another hotel in Frankfurt. The hotel’s name says it all and is a token of the friendship between 25hours and the classic fashion brand Levi’s. The shape of every seam and the position of every single object has been carefully considered. The hotel is on Niddastraße near Frankfurt’s main station, where the bright lights of the Bahnhofsviertel district meet the upmarket Westend. Here, American cultural heritage is blended with the diversity of the city on the River Main.