Jason and Maurice are a beguiling pair. Calm, collected, handsome and confident, they’ve been friends since kindergarten and are now collaborators with their own baby – Àlden Records.

Practically brothers since playground days, they’ve found themselves playing and learning together over the decades across a melange of different environments. More often than not they’re hundreds of kilometres apart, but still adjoined creatively even after 26 years. They are very different from the working duo types who finish one another’s sentences: Maurice more the follower of his ear and intuition, Jason the technical whizz who likes to tie up any loose ends and make stuff shiny…


… Their admiration for the greats from genre to genre spans wide and unrestricted. With Àlden Records, they like to work with the next generation of talent, sounds that are exotic to the ear, sounds that almost intimidate in their newness – at least to the house/dance scene that might be their immediate audience… From their earliest memories of sharing music and learning instruments, through to the exciting debut signing on their record label and the videos they’re in the process of shooting, we talk to the duo about cities, organic integrity in the modern world and how combined multi-cultural histories gave them the spirit and ambition to follow artistic career paths.


The full portrait story by Alexandra Pereira is published in PLATEA #3 Winter 2016/17, available online and at selected stores and newsstands worldwide.

Photography by Marcus Paarmann.