Creators of the App "DJAY"

Creators of the App “DJAY”

Karim Morsy is difficult to „label“.  Musician (he started playing piano aged 4), computer scientist (he studied simultaneously at the University of Music and Performing Arts and at the University of Technology Munich), DJ (his beats were records-based and made the Munich nightlife in the 90s bearable and fun)… He performed at DJ battles and mastered the art of the so called turntablism, the usage of gramophone as a music instrument.

When the time was right, around 2006, he and his friends Christoph and Federico, both software experts and at the time computer science students, decided to go for a basic yet brilliant idea.

Game Changers: Algoriddim

Algoriddim, Game Changer

They created Home DJ software with a simple to use and effective interface and streaming services to be used so easily that the music and not the technology remains in focus. Today, their Munich based company Algoriddim is worth millions of euros counting 15 million users worldwide and people like Snoop Dogg, David Guetta, Q-Bert and a two years old DJ wunderkind AJ among their co-operational partners. Apple Design Award 2011, Best Music App 2012, App of the Year.. “If you’re serious about your party playlist, download Algoriddim’s djay, ”  proclaimed the Wall Street Journal, and WIRED called Algoriddim’s djay “arguably the most popular DJ brands released in recent years”. They must have done something right. But success as we know it (money, power, recognition) was never the ultimate goal for Karim and his pals. All he wanted was good software for a good music to enable others to experience the two worlds he has been living in quite intensively.

Armed with his knowledge of music and coding, Karim and his friends began restoring that magic by developing software that would virtually transfer DJs back to that happy pre-internet place called turntable and in its first version accessible to anyone for free.

The big day came in August 2006 (way before the concept of smartphone apps was even born) when they placed the software online and the server went down within hours. 100 000 downloads in just one day, a huge number at the time and a huge deal for Karim and his friends. “We couldn’t really believe that this was happening… But you know what? We carried on doing what we did.”
s- algoriddim


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Images by Marcus Schaefer
 Interview & text by Natasha Binar