5 rue Dante
75005 Paris

+33 1 43 54 20 39

© Image courtesy of Amaury Store

Have an eye for customized product

After spending a day in Paris with the visit at La Sorbonne, Notre Dame and La Pantheon, you must be thinking about some shopping. In between heritage, Amaury Store has created a unique identity for itself. The store has been dedicated for creation that is handcrafted and exquisite. As a designer of eyewear, Amaury has a look for quality product. In the gallery, you can locate eyewear created from metal, horn and acetate. Your eyewear can be exclusive due to refine frames that have been created with hand.

Designs of eyewear have been selected by keeping modern sensibilities in mind. It has been justified through Persian scene. Style is presented through the eyewear that does not scream for attention. Spectacular design has been presented with the traditional frames. Prototype for each frame is crafted specifically. Both the vintage and contemporary styles can be observed with these frames. In addition to eyewear, they have been presenting a complete range of soaps, belts, planners, leather cases and pens now-a-days. They are never afraid to endorse a brand in which they believe completely.