Hardenbergstraße 22,
10623 Berlin,

+49 30 28444160

© Image courtesy of Amerika Haus




 A piece of America in Berlin

Amerika Haus in Berlin has a long history that dates back to the Second World War. Formerly an American institution, it was used as an open house for Germans to learn more about, and engage in discussion around, American culture and politics. Various high-profile American nationals like Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Willy Brandt graced the house.

In 2006, the building was handed back to the City of Berlin, and closed its doors and then in 2014 the building was re-opened as C/O Berlin, after significant renovations. C/O Berlin is a well-established exhibition venue for photography that showcases the work of international and emerging young photographers. In addition to be an exhibition venue, it also hosts talks by artists and regular educational workshops. The bookshop is well stocked with inspiring titles, and sells limited edition prints by renowned artists. There is also a convenient cafe that is open daily from 10am until 8pm and serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks. You will be pleasantly surprised by the cafe’s creative menu, great food and selection of wines and craft beers.