Let’s have a drink

Pop atmosphere has been kept alive with the little yet popular bar of Andy Walhoo. From the Moroccan word Wahloo, the name of the place has been taken. Remarkable atmosphere has been created adjacent to a restaurant through a style of alternative bar. Simplistic nature of Moroccan living has been reflected through kitchen supplies. From the packets of washing powder to poufs can be observed within the space.  Courtyard has been beautified with trees.

Complete relaxed environment can be enjoyed with stretched cushions. Mint tea can add to the calm and serene exquisiteness. In the evening, area can be transformed completely with a romantic glow. Innovative cocktails can be enjoyed while leaning in the sofa with loved ones. Due to cost effective nature of the place, menus can be acquired in mere € 10. Move your heads to beats of hip hop and electro to increase the level of enjoyment further. Regular crowds are quite faithful to this bar. During weekdays, it can be booked privately to stay away from crowd. By diving in to the cocktails, enthusiasm can be brought back in to life.