Exploring a working-class family for three generations

Do you want to explore something new from your day-to-day mundane life? Are you willing to watch a number of live shows with the experience of cooking smells, coal and petroleum that will tear you in your nose? Then visit Arbejder Museet, the Worker’s Museum in Copenhagen where you will be able to learn the Copenhagen workers’ story, their culture, life and working process of last 150 years. Here you will find yourself in the crisis-ridden 1930s or the everyday life of 1950 experiencing the historical and sensual vibrancy with the taste of coffee with Rich’s and cake.

While you are in the museum, don’t forget to visit family Sorensen’s apartment as you will come to know where a Copenhagen worker’s family eaten, slept, lived and partied for three generation in its authentic work apartment. The entire atmosphere of the exhibition, original furniture, the screeching floorboards and other belongings will offer you a stunning and realistic insight into the actual living and housing conditions of the family Sorensen and other typical working families lived in Østerbro within the time-period of 1885 to 1990. You can also explore 150 years industry works inside the exhibition industry work.