A peaceful retreat of art in the oasis of green

The experience of discovering yourself amid the antique tropical garden leading towards a unique exhibition space is unparalleled which you can feel in Aria Art Gallery, Florence. Started its art journey in 2009, the gallery is based on a garden which was taken shape as per the will of Margherita Acciaiuoli, the wife of well-known art patron Pierfrancesco Borgherini. Now both the garden and building belong to Rossellidel Turco family.

When you are in Florence, you should not miss a visit to Aria Art Gallery, as this dynamic gallery is the ideal place for realization as well as production of elevated exhibitions, events and art fairs along with sophisticated live performances. Among its extensive array of collection, you will get the chance to view the artworks by the past icons such as Auguste Rodin, VilianoTarabella, Amedeo Modigliani and Andy Warhol as well as the contemporary artists such as Burhan Dogancay, Zhuang Hong Yi, Fabrizio Corneli, Carole A. Feuerman and many more. The gallery is also providing the platform for the young emerging artists as per the philosophy of ‘Aria Foundation’.

The foundation encourages the participation of several companies, associations, public organizations with the initiation to collect fund for creating and administering numerous scholarships and prizes for artistic and cultural exhibitions and events.