Space for young artists

Compared to other famous exhibition spaces, the Artothek started its journey comparatively recent time- in 1973, but within this span, it is enriched with several valuable works of contemporary art. The special thing about this museum is that unlike a brief encounter in the exhibition, the art lovers are facilitated with the opportunity to take the work of art with them to their home so that they can thoroughly enjoy the art to the utmost level with maximum time ( for 10 weeks). The great art collection comprises with Cologne as well as internationally recognized artists with different styles and techniques. As the visitors can take the pictures with them, each of the pictures is proficiently framed and packed.

The art space has additional attraction as it provides the perfect exhibition room for the young artists to experience with contemporary art works- from painting, sculpture, photography and drawing. Additionally, the Artothek is considered as an address for providing art agents to the galleries, studios and other venues. Thus it has rapidly taken an enormous role in Cologne art scene.