Kamran Pamiri


    Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit will gratify your appetite for footwear design

    If you are a Nike stalwart, chances are you already know the Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit is out. If you didn’t get a chance to score something from Nike’s other recent collections, here’s another chance to ornament your feet. Well, just as Nike doled out the news, everyone wanted a pair because those sneakers are absolutely appealing and amazing. The transformation of Nike’s flagship, the Air Force 1, comes

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    Smart textiles are shaping the future of fabrics in incredible ways

    For the fashion lover, the good news is that your clothing is going to get a lot smarter in future! Smart textiles are revolutionising the textile sector, and we’re not far from wearing smart outfits. We have been traditionally conditioned to the idea that clothing is only something that covers our body, makes us appear stylish and protects us from climatic and environmental factors. Have you every thought of a cloth

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    The 3-D Printer That Can Print Transparent Glass Objects

    Our excitement about 3D printing accelerated when researchers at MIT made a breakthrough by printing transparent glass in 3D. Thanks to the team of researchers led by Neri Oxman, an associate professor at MIT, and Peter Houk, director at the MIT Glass Lab, we can now expect to see some cool glass objects printed in 3D very soon. The researchers removed a major obstacle in the way of printing transparent

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