Mike Stanton


    Ryoichi Kurokawa installation at FACT Liverpool: unfold

    Berlin-based audio and visual artist Ryoichi Kurokawa is a visionary. He possesses an instinctive understanding of the relationship between audio and visual and how these two mediums can combine to achieve a fully immersive and tactile experience. With unfold, exhibiting at FACT Liverpool from March 11 to June 12, he achieves this. Combining art and science isn’t a new concept but one carried off with this level of skill is rare. Artist and astrophysicist

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    ZIBRA are rising

    “I can’t change who I am, or how I write,” says Sam Battle, lead singer and guitarist of Tottenham melodo-electronica trio ZIBRA. “This kind of music, it just comes naturally to me.” Along with Russ Harley on keys and Ben Everest on bass they produce hugely infectious, melodic and hook-laden electronic pop. It is intelligent, emotive and fun, hearkening back to the 1980’s when music fizzed with exuberance and technicolour

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