Niall Caldwell


    Rus Anson – Photographing All Over the World

    Behold the stunning photographic art created by the one and only Rus Anson. This Spanish born photographer studied advertising and graphic design in Barcelona, and quickly got employed by the advertising industry. She found the whole ordeal rather stressful so she decided that it might be a great idea to borrow a camera and enter a photo competition. The contest, put on by El Pais’s first prize was a camera.

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    The Sensing Umbrella: CIID’s Stylish Way to Monitor the Climate

    If you are a tech freak on the lookout for an innovative invention that may change the way climate science is done, then you have reached the end of the line. Introducing the Sensing Umbrella. No this is not an umbrella with a nose or ears, it is a sophisticated piece of technology which collects vital data about the local environment. When it is running, it collects data and displays

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    Charlotte Cook: A Moving Image Master

    Gone were the days when still images made up the epitome of visual art. However, with the onset of technology, the still image is being bumped off of its pedestal by digitally aided moving images. Nobody has a better grip of the uses of technology than young people, and young British High School student Charlotte Cook who scored an unheard of 100% in her A Level Art exam is a

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    AutoCad: The system ignored in school and beloved in Industry.

    AutoCad is the most frequently used software in the engineering and design industry. However, it is in fact, quite a defunct medium which has been replaced in both form and function by the more contemporary SolidWorks. When you think of AutoCad’s purpose, it is to be a two dimensional drafting tool, whilst SolidWorks is a three dimensional modelling tool. The former being good at creating working designs based off of

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    Antoine Bruy – A Photographer Living Off the Grid

    When we start thinking about photographers, we automatically imagine a fresh faced, young college grad with a gigantic camera and no sense of social boundaries. However, not all modern photographers are a bunch of style hipsters, let’s take Mr Antoine Bruy for example. He grew up in the quaint town of Tourcoing, France and started off the same way as most photographers do; completely anonymously. Indeed, photography never really worked

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    Rex Firenze

    Rex Firenze is the place to go if you are looking for a good time.



    If you are on the lookout for a top notch cult store in Paris, then Colette is the place for you.


    Tia Emma

    Tia Emma, founded by Wiebke Kress Ochmann and Rosarie Messina, is considered to be very beautiful by visiting patrons.



    Tia Emma, founded by Wiebke Kress Ochmann and Rosarie Messina, is considered to be very beautiful by visiting patrons.



    Founded by the city of Frankfurt, KVFM provides ample space for contemporary art to shine brightly in the public eye.



    Bestregarts is a vendor, renter and exhibitor of arts, sculptures, photography and video.



    If you are in the mood for contemporary art, then you need look no further than Portikus.


    Galerie Parisa Kind

    Galerie Parisa Kind is a Frankfurt art gallery founded in 2004.


    Galerie Maurer

    The Maurer Gallery in Frankfurt is a gallery which displays works by young artists from around the world.

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