Buzzing New York dining scene

St James Street of Piccadilly in London is a place where you will certainly get nothing that you cannot find here. Here are innumerous shops that sell bespoke clothes and shoes, hats and guns, Havana cigars and fine wines, yachts and what not!!! Now it is also the home of a famous restaurant that will impress you not only by world class dining, but also its marvelous ambience.

Earlier owned by a banker named Chris Bodker, the restaurant has been reopened by D&D London who tries to represent the entire New York thing to the logical conclusion. The first thing that will catch hold your glance is the enormous installation of glasses that are hanging from the ceiling in the chandelier style upside down and then the large display of the wine bottles that might be mistaken by insulated with growth hormone. There is no doubt that Avenue restaurant and bar is the perfect presentation of the glamorous world inspired by Manhattan with the eye catching artistic works and the contemporary interiors.