Via Vicenza,
ang. viale montenero 71
20135 Milano,
  +39 328 066 2967

© Image courtesy of Bar BAMM

Contemporary cocktails, beers and fun

Bar BAMM is a household name when it comes to drinks in Milan. Situated in Via Vicenza, this fabulous bar has the potential to enhance your experience in Milan. The staff members are highly professional, friendly and maintain a positive attitude towards visitors. They will keep no stone unturned in bringing a smile on your face and creating amusing experiences for you.

The bar also serves music, and the atmosphere becomes tempting when the music goes hand in hand with the San Siro or Martini. Bar BAMM also boasts private party rooms that can accommodate up to 15 persons at a time. You can immerse yourself in moments of joy by spending some time tasting the wonderful drinks in the bar’s friendly and cosy atmosphere.