Raw and distinctive London exhibition space

The blank canvas of Bargehouse has tremendous scope as it can be transformed into locations for immersive performances, atmospheric exhibitions and interactive events by the creative-minded people. Situated in the fast and energetic South Bank and Bankside areas in London, you will definitely love the exciting, atmospheric space of Bargehouse. This venue is actually housed in a vast and untouched four-stored building and it is an ideal location for organizing press launches, staff motivation events, fashion shows, photo shoot and filming.

Offering an extensive arena of different spaces, Bargehouse has the exclusive features and quirks to fulfill the requirements of different purposes. If you hire the place, you will have the facility to use its rooms in their own or in combination as per your requirement. As the part of Oxo Tower Wharf development, the venue is owned and maintained by Coin Street Community Builders, a social enterprise. Its amazing location facilitates you with numerous cafes, bars, restaurants and 30 inventive contemporary design shops. In this great place of work, you can also catch up with the friends and colleagues in the idyllic urban landscape beside its canal side café.