Via Scipio Slataper, 19,
20125 Milano,
+39 02 4070 8233

© Image courtesy of Bastard Store

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Bastard Store is one of the unique stores in Italy. Situated in Milano’s Via Scipio Slataper area, the store is a household name among visitors, especially architects and designers. Bastard Store is a perfect manifestation of Italian art, design, architecture and creativity.

The store has been designed in a very creative way, and you would be amazed to see how the building of an old derelict cinema space has been transformed into one of the top draws of Italy. Bastard Store boasts a designer studio, a shop, and a skate bowl, all under the same roof.

The store design exhibits immaculate touches and artistic finishing. It is both a beautiful and functional store that offers a wide range of apparel for both men and women, including skating boards, footwear, bags, stickers and a variety of other items. The store frequently hosts art and photography exhibitions.