1 Baldwin Street
EC1V 9NU,London,

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© Image Courtesy of Beers

Remarkable value of art with much included

If someone wants to experience the contemporary approach of progressive and thought provoking with special focus on thematic, political and aesthetic concepts, there is no other better place than Beers in London. Since 2010, Beers is providing the space for exploring diverse exhibition programs conducted by both established and emerging artists. Among its famous fair schedule, the gallery upholds the active participation in Art15 London, Art Basel Miami Week, Armory Week in New York as well as Art Basel Week. The director of the gallery, Kurt Beers authors his creation 100 Painters of Tomorrow which was published by Thames & Hudson in autumn 2014. The initiation of his project is to adjudicate a panel of renowned artistic figures who will search some most emerging and exciting painter in the present world.

Another great project of Beers London is ‘The Fantasy of Representation’ presented in summer 2015 that includes the great works by Gary Hume, Josef Albers, Hurvin Anderson with the purpose to pair up the emerging and already established representation artists. It is the spirit and constant collaboration with artists and the organizations that have elevated Beers London to higher place in the world of art, to strive, to share, to celebrate in the same sync.