A native of Italy, Claudio Galamini was captivated by the seemingly endless spectrum of designs and fonts decorating the Berlin U-Bahn network. As an avid explorer and photographer, his work has amassed a strong following on Claudio Galamini, leading to the creation of “Berlin U-Bahn,” a photographic documentary of the entire U-Bahn network. Conceived in the form of a glossy photobook, “Berlin U-Bahn” narrates the evolution of Berlin’s metro system through photos dedicated to each station’s design elements.

The book is designed and published by kulturspace, a brand and design consultancy that unites the talents of designers, storytellers, branding mavericks and innovative strategists from around the world. Justin Merino, founder and managing director of kulturspace, writes in the foreword:  “In summer of 2016, Claudio Galamini approached kulturspace for advice on showcasing his photographs of the U-Bahn network. The idea behind his project was so simple, yet so inspired. Going through Claudio’s photos, I couldn’t help but find myself mesmerized by the pure focus of those shots on capturing the colors, typography and vivid design elements of each station. It’s a surreal visual experience looking at these pictures as opposed to standing on the platform in the flesh, where we’re so often distracted by the chaos and bustling crowds that we forget to appreciate the history and art surrounding us… Berlin being the current epicenter of creative and cultural innovation, it seemed the right time to share a piece of the city’s rich history with the world.”

The largest underground network in Germany is rarely free of crowds. For this reason particularly, “Berlin U-Bahn” represents a memorable homage to the architects of this fascinating system. Indeed, some of the great works of architecture can, in fact, be found underground! Spanning all 173 stations in the network, the shots capture each platform devoid of people so the viewer can fully appreciate the expressive colors, typography, and ambient.



But it appears that Claudio doesn’t stop there. Judging by his Instagram account, it looks like he intends to become an expert of the German underground networks. He is currently working on another U-Bahn project that takes place in Munich. Munich U-Bahn series is underway and Galamini’s followers on Instagram have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with changing tastes in architecture of this relatively young subway. Each photo is accompanied with a short description and history of the station for full appreciation of the project. Pop over to check it out. Truly inspiring!


Copyright © 2016 by kulturspace, Claudio Galamini & Justin Merino

Photography by Claudio Galamini. Book design and production by kulturspace