Where London beauty speaks….

While you are in London definitely it will be your earnest desire to catch holds the real beauty of London and that’s why it doesn’t matter to you to visit various places. One of such places to fulfill your solemn aim of capturing the truly beautiful London is Blueprint Café. It is located on the first floor of Designer Museum from where you will get the magnificent view of the East from Canary Wharf through Tower Bridge and the cityscape to the West. The café’s signature blue binoculars will allow you to zoom in this picturesque beauty of the world.

Blueprint Café is wrapped with glass windows from floor to ceiling and the neutral wooden floor. This is the perfect place in London when in a cosy afternoon or a memorable evening you just experience that simple yet inventive cooking of Chef Martyn Moody surrounded by the friendly and knowledgeable staffs. Special attraction of the café is its contemporary European cuisines prepared by using seasonal and fresh ingredients sourced from the local farms. In fact an evening with a glass of wine with good companion is enough to make your whole day worthy.