A/J/W – Arnold / Jaeger / Werner
Hotellerie & Gastronomie

AJW Verwaltungs GmbH
Seitzstrasse 8
80538 München

Tel +49(0)89 189 170 300

Sascha Arnold, Niels Jäger and Steffen Werner go back a long way. They met about 20 years ago and soon started throwing random parties under the moniker “Typ-E” – some of you may remember. Sascha and Steffen were studying architecture and sculpture at Kunst Akademie, while Niels tackled his masters in communications – sort of, anyway. A bar job at “Buffet Kull” helped make ends meet and introduced the trio to gastronomists Kull & Weinzierl, who remain important influences to this day.

The pop-up nightclub “ZKV” in the Opera’s former ticketing location on Maximilianstrasse gave the trio a first taste of entrepreneurship – it tasted pretty good. Which is why A/J/W jumped at the opportunity to start their first own place “edmoses” in 2005. This music bar located in Munich’s Lehel district went on to shape a generation of good times. On a quest for the perfect sound experience, A/J/W then established “Bob Beaman Music Club” in 2010. Curated by musical director David Muallem, Bob Beaman quickly made a name for itself as an international benchmark for top-notch deep house bookings and legendary vibes (“never not dancing”).

Last year, the trio created their very own interpretation of a classic cocktail bar, named “James T. Hunt” on Schellingstrasse. A/J/W are the first to admit that their plans for 2014 seem absolutely megalomaniacal – but what are you gonna do? In February, they opened Germany’s first organic liquid spot “Superdanke!”, which serves fresh green smoothies along with assorted cold-pressed juices as well as the “Super Cleanse” regimen. Superdanke (situated on the corner Türkenstrasse and Schellingstrasse) has already established itself as a local favorite and bonafide media magnet. In March, “Stereo Cafe” was opened alongside chef Felix Neuner-Duttenhofer on famous Residenzstrasse. This historic destination, which is located on the first floor above the new Stereo gentswear shop, features a grand studio window and secret sundeck-terrace along with daily lunch specials, coffee & homemade cakes as well as a fine selection of aperitifs and liquors. This June marks the opening of A/J/W’s biggest challenge yet: “The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar”. And then there’s “Cantine Cantona”…stay tuned.

All projects in close collaboration with fantomas design and Arnold/Werner architects.