Good old craziness

 When a great amount of ‘in-house skills’ is gathered it always results something new and exciting. The same has happened in Vesterbro where 5 feisty ladies Anna, Lea, Betina, Stine and Jane have opened Bob Noon in order to fulfill their ambition of doing some artistic works for people. 5 of them are well trained illustrators who can transform the invisible and untold stories into the cool and beautiful images with their passion of illustrative narratives.

The shop is truly an isolated hidden gem where in one wall you will view the cool greeting cards for all occasions and the rest of the shop there are great artworks and some amusing items. Divided by a wall right next to the shop you will get the workshop where you can’t ignore to give a peep there.

In fact the part of Copenhagen’s charm lies in its back as it wraps around the obscurity of Boob Noon because these girls know the tricks to show you the different minds and common passions with the mixture of good old craziness.