Creative designs to make life delightful

Bookbinders Design is a creative place you must visit during your time in Zurich. It is involved in printing business cards, wine labels, bookmarks, and memorabilia like cinema or airline tickets. The place is full of creative people who put their skills to the test round the clock to come up with something news and innovative.

The store has unique collection of modern day art works to show you. No matter if you are a customer or just a visitor who wants to explore what Zurich has to offer to the world, you are always welcome at Bookbinders Design. You will get the opportunity to see the skilled craftsman work on a variety of printing work.

If you are planning to make gift a special book to a loved one, BookBinder’s Design can personalize the message you want printed in it. They can also do embossing. The B2B services include printing company logos on products, and embossing employee giveaways like coffee mugs, diaries, with personalized text or names.