Rathausmarkt 2,
20095 Hamburg,

+49 (0)40/360996-0


© Image Courtesy of Bucerius Kunst Forum

Loving the art

In the center of Hamburg close to Rathaus, you can find Bucerrius Kunst Forum that invites lovers of artistic master pieces from all over the world. Complete range of art with contemporary perspective to anctient style can be found in this platform. By organizing four exhibitions round the year, it has earned accolades quite naturally. It  has witness Pompeii in the year 2014. Presence of Wiiliam Turner and Alberto Giacometti can be found within the space naturally.

A short visit within the city can enable you to focus a specific era of art. Since its beginning. Bucerrius Kunst Forum has been one of the fortrunners within the exhibition house concentrated in Norrhern Germany. Apart from exhibitions, readings, lectures, discussions and concerts are arranged for the people. The place can be visited any day of a week. Therefore, forget your worries and visit the place at least once in order to have a taste of culture and art. For music lovers, concerts are arranged with the name of Octogonale. Free visits can be enjoyed by young students and children. It has offered an opportunity to introduce art in fun loving way.