A true masterpiece of culinary desires

On the Islet in Antwerp, Café Storm is the new destination for the culinary masterpiece. In this museum café the visitors relax themselves on the leather sofas in order to talk about their visit to the MAS or they are committed to the cozy bar for blowing out with the colleagues after a day’s hectic works. Or just they love to enjoy the calm moments on the terrace for or after shopping. The gourmet restaurant is situated on the top floor where the small and healthy seasonal fast food dishes with Illy, Oxfam, coffee, juices, spirits, beers and wines are available.

The interior of the café is uniquely designed with the mixture of rich to poor materials like leather, mirrors, oak, concrete and plywood and then gives finishing in the warm color palette which is actually the creative idea of the architect Kurt Hereygers. The huge wardrobe is the eye catching thing of this café.