Have a charming breakfast with friends and family

Intimate environment along with excellent quality food is the strongest feature of Café String. Breakfast buffet can be ordered at merely 90 SEK. Due to wireless internet connection, it has become preferable joint for the young generation. Through an idea of antique shop and café, place has been opened to the people. Charm of atmosphere has retained over the years. Exuberant environment of the place has helped to increase the quality of panoramic view a thousand fold. By infusing melodious music within the ear, comfortable setting has been created. For cozier environment, sitting arrangement can be done in the upstairs.

Both the cold and hot menu is served with the combination of simple and fresh dishes. Diverse ranges of flavors are offered with the humongous cup of tea. In case of coffee, different kinds of varieties can be observed quite naturally. For a party of friends, order can be made with the selection of thermos. It is a popular destination for breakfast especially in the weekends. Come to the joint at early morning in order to book a seat ahead of the crowd. Bring your laptop in order to carry on surfing easily.