The perfect platform for Amsterdam art

The great initiative of C&H Art Space is to provide support by engaging both young talents on contemporary art and the established artists who would get the platform with new visions, thoughts and concepts.

C&H Art Space is actually the project by Cosimo Ricatto and Hanneke Huisman who established this art space, inspired by their strong love and passion for contemporary art. Early in 2011, they had opened this gallery. Before starting the journey of C&H Art Space, Cosimo Ricatto and Hanneke Huisman experimented by organizing exhibitions from their own home in 2008 and after getting immense response, they took the initiative to start C&H Art Space.

Located on the Tweede Kostverlorenkade 50, they find the place perfectly suited for their dream as an exclusive gallery space. Therefore, after some rebuilding and remodeling the place, they inaugurated the gallery. Now this gallery is going to keep a lost-lasting impact in the world of Amsterdam art with numerous works by the talented artists such as Carine Weve, Carlo Ferraris, Loek Grootjans, Jantien Jongsma, Wouter Klein Velderman and many more. It is also a member of the Netherlands Gallery Association (NGA).