Gone were the days when still images made up the epitome of visual art. However, with the onset of technology, the still image is being bumped off of its pedestal by digitally aided moving images. Nobody has a better grip of the uses of technology than young people, and young British High School student Charlotte Cook who scored an unheard of 100% in her A Level Art exam is a prime example. There can be no doubt of this young lady’s talent, especially when you have a listen to her thought process that brought her to create this project.

She claimed that she had no prior experience with any sort of film making. It may as well have been a foreign language to her, however she realised that the thought process involved in developing a film must be identical to the one used for other mediums. So she began the brain taxing task of figuring out the aesthetics she wanted, and how to make them. She then considered what technology would be required for her to pull it off and she committed herself to becoming proficient with them. You always know a true talent when this sort of strategic thinking manifests itself in such young emerging talent.

Her epic journey began when she considered all she had learned in the previous two years. She asked herself, how do they connect with each other and what creative doors did her combined education offer her? So she began to view the project as a conclusion, the grand finally to all she had done before. She realised quickly that her main source of inspiration was photography, which she had used previously to help shape her ideas into a successful project. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she loved working with computers, which is a real boost with photo imaging. It seemed a natural progression then for her to step out of the world of the still image and finally make a film.

Like most art projects, it had its seed in sketch books and storyboards. She wrote a lot about her ideas and illustrated certain key moments that would occur in her film. She claims that this process made it much easier to build her film up around it, like a tree growing from a seed. Interestingly, she focused on audio after she focused on visuals, so the integral architecture of the film was purely visually based and the sound was built around it. The project was being built up in sophisticated layers. The final planning process was to find all of the props that she needed to prove the point. This allowed her to come to terms with working in a 3D environment.

But the most important bit to her, and indeed to most photographers and film makers was post production. It was here that she brought all of the elements together and used software to express them in a more full and artistic manner. The result was truly spellbinding and she deserved the grade that she received.

'We all have Choices' Final Piece from LittleMissNoface on Vimeo.

AQA A2 Art & Design exam final piece.

Lustless rape. Loveless marriage.
Protection and control.

We choose our path,
Yet the destination is the same.