1 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre,
75016 Paris,


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© Image courtesy of Cité de l’architecture

Passage to French architectural history

If you want to know French history, one of the best and most-visited places in Paris is Cité de l’architecture & du Patrimoine which represents the 1,000 years of architectural history. Situated between the Eiffel Tower and du Trocadero, the Cité de l’architecture is residing in the entire wing of Palais de Chaillot. While visiting through the museum, you will go through the beautiful journey of the prosperous architectural heritage of France that had started from the Middle Ages and continuing till date.

The museum perfectly exhibits the affluent architectural history through its moldings galleries, stained glass windows, wall paintings as well as the account of the modern and contemporary architectural history. The visitors become wonderstruck to view its life-size replicas of the parts of the monuments, models, original documents, videos and multimedia that will be presented before them as the life-like presentation of the architectural story of France and its surroundings starting from the 12th centuries. Some of the examples of its life-size reproductions that are preserving with great care in its 8,000 m² are the painted cupola of the cathedral of Cahors, the doorway of Chartres cathedral and one apartment from Corbusier’s ‘Cité radieuse’ and many more.