Experiencing Hamburg over the Clouds

The dream of viewing the skyline of Hamburg can only be fulfill with Clouds as it is the marvelous restaurant situated on 105 meters above Elbniveau. This tallest restaurant and bar of Hamburg is waiting for you with its total 680 sqm guest area on the 23rd floor and the rooftop terrace on the 24th floor. This restaurant cum bar cum rooftop cum event location is made of by the team of experts of this industry- Christoph Strenger and Andreas Fraatz and it has built by Hadi Teherani  or “Dancing Towers”.

While visiting this restaurant, its star attraction is its panoramic view that stretches up to south beyond the Elbe on Spielbudenplatz up to Michel. You can’t ignore but only praise its ‘Heavenly Creations’, the traditional European cuisines with a slight touch of French as the main focus is on the superior quality steaks and Rotisserie. In fact the enjoyable occasion to get the view of preparing your favorite dish just right in front of you is really memorable as many of the dishes are prepared just right on the table.