„I consider photography as a way to canalize my emotions“…

By making photography into art, Marcus Schaefer is pretty much an edgy guy, creating surrealistic never-never lands and telling bizarre stories through his pictures. Marcus finds beauty in everything, taking inspiration from both the streets and nature. „Wabi-sabi is a Japanese form of aesthetic that is sometimes described as one beauty that is imperfect. “ Things, that seem to be different, form his artwork. Marcus muses are personalities and characters.

The twenty eight year old artist is known for his work in capturing strong silhouettes and eye-catching scenery in fashion editorials, and for his portraits. He achieves abstract ideas in photography through colour-blocking shades and experimenting with lighting effects. His work demonstrates drive and vibrancy. Central to Marcus way of approach is expression of his sentimentally moods. „I’m trying to break out out of reality and consider photography as a way to canalize my emotions. Therefore my images have a melancholic atmosphere, without being gloomy, my pictures are often rich in contrast and colors. “

Marcus studied fashion journalism and media communication at the AMD Academy of Fashion and Design in Munich. During his studies, he developed passion taking photographs of non-typical objects and interesting characters. After graduating, Marcus decided to run his own business as a fashion photographer, and soon developed his own unmistakable signature. Clients and commissioners of the Munich-based artist are international magazines such as Interview, GQ, Vice or Vision Magazine.

In „Cocooning“, Marcus reflects variety of interpretations, and transfers materials, shapes and contrasts into a sculptural look. „Cocooning“ is an emotional story where protagonists hide away or show and share their intimate moments.



text by  Jana Ackermann
photography by Marcus Schaefer (www.marcusschafer.com)
models / Malin @tunemodels, Stella @tunemodels, Susanne @mia models
h&m/ Renata Traupe @ phoenix agency
h&m assistant / Gülden Kilic