The synonym for creative craft of leather

Taking a visit to Collectif d’Anvers will be undoubtedly worthy for you if you are passionate about hand-made designer shoes. It is actually a workshop for the custom made shoes where you will get all the variety of shoes- from the ‘Glass Slipper’ of the musical Cinderella, classic quality shoes, platform shoes, stilettos, pumps, kinky boots, combats, brogues to fine sandals- all these are available as handmade items in the atelier of Natalie Van Lijsebettens.

All the customers facilitate to design their own shoes or boots. At first, a blueprint will be taken for your feet which is made of a wooden reading. Therefore, whatever the size of your feet and what design you will choose, it does not matter. You will get exactly what you are aiming for.

The place is not only famous for custom-made shoes, but also has reputation for creating leather bags. The wide-ranging innovation in bags- from wallets going from whimsical to deconstructivism, a reversible backpack to a purse including jewelry as its closure- all are massively impressive