With straightforward fashion statements

The world of fashion is ever changing and in this world people have to be creative and with diverse talent to ensure their presence. One such fashion destination is Comerc which represents the minimalistic approach toward not only the Austrian fashion world, but also the global fashion trends. It is an exclusive store that features both men and women clothing. The shop’s door had been opened in March 2012 and its location as on the Westbahnstrasse, in 7th district of Vienna.

Jacqueline Schuster – Chucky and Christian Huemer – Johnny are the people behind the foundation of the store who are the well known names in the fashion industry since late 90’s. The speciality of Comerc is that it is consistently establishing its strong and straightforward philosophy and uncompromising approach. In keeping with pace of contemporary fashions the store provides the perfect blending of fashion wears with all time popularity. That’s why the collections of the fashion store are subject to invariable developments and changes. Fashion means here not only clothing, but also jewelry, accessories, bags and so on.