123 Kennington Road
London SE11 6SF

+44 207 735 8292

© Image courtesy of Danielle Arnaud

Contemporary art within Georgian setting

Situated in Kennington Road, the great artist Danielle Arnaud’s collection has been exhibited in this gallery. Actually, Danielle Arnaud chose her Georgian townhouse for her art exhibition as this area is greatly unburdened by the attention of the art-world since 1995. This London-based art gallery is worthy to visit, as you will get the chance to wander around the elegant, well-furnished rooms where the great artistic works such as solo projects and shows, video installation, programs on curated exhibitions and many more are beautifully presented.

The gallery comprises of centrally located four rooms and it is an inspiration for the artists to develop their skillful art practice excluding of constraints or trends of the market. While visiting the place you can meticulously feel that as looking at artworks in its casual atmosphere is far more different from the white cube experience of the traditional galleries.