Pasteursvej 20,
1778 København,
+45 33 88 80 00

© Image Courtesy of Dansehallerne

Reinventing dancing scene

To offer a space of entertainment for the viewers and talented artists, an old factory is refurbished for the creation of a dance studio in addition to a stage. The idea to keep alive dance as an enchanting art form has become a reality when Carlsberg has collaborated with the Dansescenen and Dansens Hus. Due to formation of this dance theatre, a new place for discovering dance style has able to come in the fore front.

Through the years, it has been developed as a sanctuary of dance. It is not possible to complete a visit to Copenhagen without a night out at the Dansehallerne. Mere simple form of dancing can be represented from this space with children. In addition, you can be a witness of world class performance from international dancers as well.

By watching the world of cinema and visual art colliding with the dance forms, you can be offered a completely different experience. However, one of the major attractions of this dance studio is an international competition of dance for 60 seconds. Through a milieu of different dance forms, they are trying to create a new zone for themselves.