Looking at contemporary art

From London, David Risley Gallery has shifted its location to Copenhagen in Denmark to work with more established artists. In addition to existing programs, the gallery has been collaborating with International artists. Visitors are offered both the new and established ones in the due course.

Main focus of the gallery is to present contemporary art in front of the world. David Risley Gallery has opened their doors in Denmark from 2009. Themes of exhibitions are changing continuously in order to offer unique flavor at an interval of a month of two. Recently, the gallery has been showcasing the art work of Charlie Roberts and Frank Ammerlaan. If you have liked these installations then you may certainly enjoy future art work in the exhibition with the artists like Ryan Gander, James Aldridge, Alex Da Corte and Anna Bjerner.

Through an extensive artwork from an artist, gallery tries to present a slice of the world. From every corner of the gallery, burst of exuberance can be observed. Visitors can be certainly placed at a happy through this exhibition. It is possible to look at the art work from oil painting to paper with this gallery.