De Stadskantine
Van Woustraat 120
1073 LT – Amsterdam

+31 207 741 848

 Are you a student or freelancer who does not have an office to go to every day? Does it make you jealous when you hear stories from your friends about the free or cheap lunch they are provided daily at their office kantine?

Then stop in at De Stadskantine for a good deal on simple food that will make your tummy happy.

Offering basic breakfasts, sandwiches for lunch, and a meat, fish or veggie meal for dinner, De Stadskantine is a relaxed place to get good food any time. The “Combi” meals are perhaps the best deal, combining fresh juice, croissant, jam and an egg for breakfast, or soup and sandwich at lunch. You can order the main dinner dishes for under €9, or get the Combi including dessert and a drink for around €15.

While the food at Stadskantine is simple, it is not boring. The sandwiches are creative and tasty, everything is fresh and well spiced. The laid-back ambiance attracts everyone from neighborhood moms to freelancers with their laptops.

So what makes this place different from a regular cafe or restaurant? There is no table service. You order at the counter, get your own tableware, and bus your dirty dishes when finished. No fuss, just good food.

Oh and be aware, they only take PIN and credit cards, no cash.