Deichtorstraße 1,
20095 Hamburg,
+49 (0) 40 32103-0

© Image Courtesy of Deichtorhallen

Go to Deichtorhallen for complete experience of art and photography

Perfect amalgamation of photography and contemporary art can be found with Deichtorhallen. It has been considered as largest exhibition center of Europe. Beautiful form of the house has attracted the eyes of people due to glass and open steel structure. Deichtorhallen is utilized as backdrop of various international shows. Steel structure of open nature can be located within the halls. Interesting exhibitions are arranged for the art lovers. It has been highly recommended for the tourist. Separate segregation can be found for Hall of Contemporary Art and House of Photography.

For both the painters and artists, individual exhibitions are arranged. Topics of exhibitions are changed constantly in order to entertain the crowd. Different work of art can be presented through similar platform through Gundlach Collection. From the year 2008, artists like John Bock, Thomas Hirschhorn, Gerneral Idea and Mike Kelly have presented through the exhibition. Three pillars have been compiled with the single institution of Deichtorhallen. It is possible to find a design shop, an excellent restaurant called Fillet of Soul and photography bookshop with this periphery. Every cultural activity within the city of Hamburg can be started from this place.