An insight into the unseen

The Dialogue Museum is a must watched venue in Frankfurt that provides an incredible experience for your senses. Its exhibition Dialogue in the Dark challenges the sighted visitors of the place to find out their way in the pitch-dark world where the blind persons always inhabit. This unique kind of museum presents you the taste of the life without vision.

Actually there is nothing to view in this museum. The reason for which you will visit it to explore the chances to hear, smell, feel and taste. The museum is not the stimulation of blindness but it is an adventure for using the senses. The amazing thing is that children are more expert to use their senses rather than the adults. Spending some time in the museum you will experience the most ordinary situations transforming into the journeys of discovery. More interesting thing is that without the help of the blind guides of the place who walk through the darkness with complete ease, you might be lost completely. The unique idea of the foundation of the museum was developed by Andreas Heinecke.