Burggasse 12,
1070 Wien,

  +43 699 11589599

© Image Courtesy of Die Burgermacher

The king of burgers

The motto of the exclusive restaurant is to break the age old concept that a burger is much more than just a meat piece wrapped with two bread slices. It is Die Burgermacher that has successfully proved that creative combination, superior ingredients and high zeal can transform a simple fast food into an experience of the real culinary design.

Die Burgermacher was founded in 2008 by two young and energetic persons Jan and Babsi who had opened it just after their graduation programmes from the University of Gastronomy. By visiting the restaurant you will be elated with joy with the innumerous types of burgers and that’s why it stands out from the other stereotype restaurants due to the use of its premium organic ingredients, creative and mouth-watering recipes along with home-made sauces.

Towards the end of 2014, the two founders ‘Burgermacher’ handed the restaurant to Daniel, a long term employee of Die Burgermacher. Now along with his friends Valentin, Franz and Alex, he is effortlessly serving its wide ranging customers and satisfying them with creative recipes made of passion and dedication.