Flügelstraße 58,
40227 Düsseldorf,


+49 211 69821581

© Image courtesy of Die Kassette

Discovering wine before it is expensive

It is the place for feeling better than you feel right at home. It is the place in the “cassette” in Dusseldorf-Oberbilk where you can get relaxed by finding yourself in the cozy Chesterfield sofa encompassed between raw brick walls under the mesmerizing trendy chandeliers.

It is the place for the prefect unification of coffee, beer, cocktails, specially selected wines, fresh cakes and sandwiches which will be irresistible for you to control yourself from getting pampered. Along with that you will feel the comfy atmosphere with the wide range of collection of books and games. In fact this is the place for the gratification of versatility of rarely heard music that you can hardly find anywhere else.

It is the place you will find its ever charming staffs who are always friendly and always happy to talk to you. Who can say, may be here you will be surprised to find the unique combo pack of beer and brandy!! It is the place for your tried and tested trust on the large drink menu with utmost security.