Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 3 pm – 7 pm
Saturday: 11 am – 5 pm

© Image courtesy of Die Sellerie

An Open Source of Artistry for Your Interior

If you are looking for some attractive and hyper-stylish handcrafted furniture in order to décor your home’s interior in such as way to raise the envy of your neighborhood and other visitors, then Die Sellerie is the ultimate destination for you. It is actually a unique kind of shop that is the brainchild of four Viennese graphic designers named Patrick Bauer, Georg Leditzky, Ulrike Dorner and Andreas Posselt. This boutique house is the bona fide of treasure collection with various kinds of home accessories and paper goods. With the unconventional types of fine art prints and funky furniture along with the quirky conversation pieces, you can give your home an amazing renovation as the speciality of the shop is that all its products are manufactured with custom-made levels of care and attention in details.

The charming showroom of Die Sellerie is located at 21 Burggasse in Vienna and it started its journey in late 2010 and now it has the facility to deliver its product throughout the entire Europe through online shop. Therefore, next time when you are planning to gift something to your loved ones, you don’t need to look for here and there for gist idea as Die Sellerie will provide you the well-considered gift idea for all kinds of occasion.