Place for Pizzeria in Vienna

 With the name of ‘Disco Volante’ the memories of escape vessel of Emilio Largo, the villain of James Bond movie comes in front of us. It is the second Pizzeria opened in Vienna by Maria Fuchs, the precursor of the present ‘genuine pizza’ hype in Vienna. The real fact of the name pizzeria is associated with the meaning ‘flying disc’. The speciality of the restaurant has been added with the atmosphere of the southern Italian pizzeria and the transportation of the lightness of the ‘Italo-Disco’ from the 1970s and 80s era.

It’s the other motives than the food that attract you to come back again and again to Disco Volante. The collaborative efforts of ‘Madame Mohr’ a young designers and architects group are the backbone of the design as well as production from most of the oven. The outer shell of this oven has been made of the heat resistant concrete utilizing CNC milling technology in order to build spherical formwork. In additional the space creates the canteen like atmosphere like the overcrowded places in Naples with harsh and uncomfortable environment of the church benches and chairs often found in the city departments of Vienna leaving the space for a pizza and beverage. Actually this unusual atmosphere is the key element for the success of ‘Disco Volante.