Dutch electronic duo DOOXS releases their new EP “Under My Tongue” today via OO Records. The duo was formed only last year by singer and songwriter Djoeke and producer Aniek and has already caught the attention of music journalists and tastemakers, won the Rotterdam music prize Grote Prijs van Rotterdam 2016, and played the prestigious Eurosonic Noorderslag (Aurora, Dua Lipa, Nao, Mura Masa) as well as Metropolis Festival (Vince Staples, Haelos) this year.


The two girls from Rotterdam definitely know what they are doing and they are not playing it safe. It all started one afternoon in August 2015 with the creation of their first single “Nude”. Since then Aniek and Djoeke have been playing together and growing a repertoire through their highly energetic live shows. Prone to experimentation, Aniek and Djoeke’s unique sound consists of bringing together their love for ambient, techno, and IDM whilst fusing elements of R&B and indie-folk. Experimentation, rule-bending, and merging of genres has made their sound altogether infinitely interesting. Djoeke’s airy, light vocals are mesmerizing, almost trance-inducing, seamlessly drifting on top of dark synths, icy electronics, minimal beats and deep basses leaves one breathless.

According to the duo, the new EP “Under My Tongue” deals with subjects such as vulnerability and intimacy and is quite visually oriented. The production is a mixture of downtempo genres like hip-hop, dub, and trap and relying heavily on the editing of Djoeke’s vocals and mashing them into synths and background textures. Musical inspirations include Clams Casino, Andy Stott, Balam Acab, Nosaj Thing, 18+ and Fever Ray.

The latest video for DOOXS’ new track “DIRT” seems as if it’s delivered with effortless elegance and visually fully supports their captivating songs. Treat both your ears and eyes with hypnotic atmosphere below



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