DR KoncerthusetØrestads Boulevard 132300 København SDenmark

© Image courtesy of DR Koncerthuset

 Experience the magic of DR Koncerthuset, widely celebrated as one of the very best, most beautiful concert halls in the world. The building is designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and features emphatic architectural choices and huge contrasts, and it is full of fascinating details both subtle and rough-hewn. DR Koncerthuset is home to several ensembles including the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the venue has served everything from the Berlin Philharmonic to Kraftwerk.


The opening of DR Koncerthuset means a national and international concert venue for Denmark and a new architectural landmark for the capital. Jean Nouvel’s unique building puts Copenhagen on a level with other cities around the world which provide the best modern acoustic and visual setting for concertgoers. The blue frontage is monumental, yet airy, as if the building had been carved out of the sky. The frontage is a semi-transparent screen and the images projected onto the vast surfaces create constantly varying impressions which make the whole structure look as if it is in motion, organic and alluring.