Testing your taste buds

When beauty and tradition mingle with gastronomy and satisfaction, it takes birth Duck & Waffle, the first ever restaurant that remains open all day and all night round the clock. Another speciality of the restaurant that draws a great number of crowds all through the UK is that it is the highest restaurant in the country providing the unparalleled cityscapes with its delicious dishes. Comparatively young in age, the restaurant serves several types of contemporary and traditional British and European dishes.

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to start your day as an early bird with a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast like The Full Elvis waffle with bananas brûlée, pbj, Ox Cheek Benedict, Chantilly cream and Duck & Waffle with mustard maple syrup and fried duck egg while enjoying the fresh morning beauty of awakening London life? Or being a party lover if you want to enjoy a memorable dinner with Angus Beef Tartare with marmite egg yolk, mustard, dripping croutes and pickled onions or Foie Gras crème brûlée with pork crackling brioche complemented by the selected artisanal cocktail list, there is no other option than Duck & Waffle.