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In Dylus, VIP treatment is offered each and every client devoid of their social status. Staff of this concept store comes with an extraordinary expertise in order to offer the client excellent service. From the exclusive LO’real Atelier Artistique, make up is done to enhance the beauty adequately. More than 20 hair dressers of caliber always offer quality haircuts according to nature of face.

By winning several awards over the years they have created a name for themselves. Through these awards, quality of this shop has been immortalized. It can be certainly equated with the Oscars for the hair and fashion industry. Therefore, satisfaction must be around the corner. For both the women with short and long mane, make over is given through the path of hair. Complete look and personality of women can be changed. Confidence radiates through the face due to a simple haircut from Dylus. In order to offer relaxation, coffee is served through a white tray covered with rose petal. It can be certainly considered as the surprise. Through a diva treatment, you can go in to another sphere completely leaving worries of mundane life.