A museum with a difference

Close to the Anne Frank House, a small but pretty museum has been devoted for the psychedelic sculptures. Thrilling experience of fluorescent light has come to its full bloom in the world’s first one of a kind museum called Electric Ladyland. The idea of a museum with the fluorescent light has popped for the first time in the head of modern day artist Nick Padalino.

By entering in the museum you can be guided by the owner himself through mesmerizing avenues of otherworldly shapes. It seems like a place from different planet. You can be transported to the world of Love Generation. In the black light, shapes made with the fluorescent come alive completely to inspire a feeling of awe.

Apart from these shapes, there is an experimental room as well. Response of the stones and rocks under the UV lights create an unexpected spectacle. Due to influence of the electric color, gray stones are burst expectedly to enhance experience further. In order to see the place in full glory, you need to have at least 45 minutes in hand. It is certainly not a place from where you can just walk past casually.