Music Till Your Last Breath

The famous bar cum party place in Vienna is located in the inner courtyard along the Schulhofpassage, which is accessible from Mariahilferstrasse. Formerly it was an electrical shop that has been transformed into the bar with the minimalist space set up by a group of architects who often host various art exhibitions and monthly art clubs. Even the regular installation of the video from this bar cum art place has been done by this group.

So here you just grab your thread and face up to the realm of music and feel it to your last breath with the wide range of music genres. Every day, the live music from the well known DJ is presented from different categories that include electro, hip hop, classical, jazz, retro, techno, avant-garde music and many more. Normally if you are looking for a cozy place during the weekdays, the place can perfectly serve your purpose while in the weekend you will find it a crowded party destination for the music lovers with monthly clubs.

It is not a place for private parties. So you can visit the place without reservation any day of the week where with music you will be served the moderately priced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.