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From Text to Painting

Talented and young artists of the country can found their location of display with Evelyn Drewes Gallery. It has been considered as a combined platform for studio, exhibitions and academics. Complete concentration has been given to single subject. Protégés are assisted by Evelyn to stand tall in the art business especially through the first year. Therefore, the art gallery has come across as the best destination for motivated art lovers. Contemporary approach of the art in the present arena can be obtained through this gallery much to offer delight.

Influence of texts, fonts, scriptures and words has been observed within the world of painting. Cubist compositions are flooded with these elements. Confrontation with the language can be observed constantly within the paintings of modern classical artists. In order to study art, best location can be found with Evelyn Drewes Gallery. Therefore, it has become desired destination for the students of art. Development of art can be noticed with the painters like Robert Barry, Roman Opalka, Jasper Johns and Cy Twombly. By painting a letter, modern artists have tried to create a new genre for themselves.