Triptiek is an annual AMFI project involving the entire second-year class, over 270 students from all around the world. At Het Sieraad on 3 February a synergy of design, branding and management students presented ten unique brand concepts through exciting 3D installations and a visionary fashion show, giving a glimpse of the icons of 2025.

Aerial Image Het Sieraad Triptiek 2016 - Photographer Alex Grolleman

Aerial view of Triptiek 2016. Photo by Alex Grolleman.

After a two-and-a-half weeks of working hard at Triptiek HQ, most of AMFI’s second year students are feeling back to normal. Just after they’ve returned to their specific fields, we decided to speak with a student from Design, from Management and from Branding about their inspiration, their visions on the future of fashion and how they managed the heavy work load.

Kristen Jakubek, (I)FB:

To create the ten brands for Triptiek, each team was assigned a cultural icon as a starting point. We started with Jamie Olivier, which we were excited about because he has less strong connotations than David Lynch or David Bowie. We explored the experimental nature of food, also influenced by molecular cook Heston Blumenthal and Dahl’s kooky confectioner Willy Wonka. UNAN was built around the idea ‘What if you could get the nutrients you need through your clothing?’ In 2025 we believed that ecological consciousness and self awareness will be a common lifestyle, so we wanted to create a more intense, daring and experimental look and feel for a natural product.

TRIPTIEK 2016 UNAN Inspiration

An inspiration moodboard from UNAN.

UNAN Brand Concept Triptiek 2016 - Photographer Isabel Janssen

UNAN brand concept. Photo by Isabel Janssen.

Regarding group work, it was new for me to see how each department approaches an assignment differently. Sometimes it was hard to keep all our ideas on track. Our team accepted that Triptiek was less about personal preference, so there was mutual compromise. The most interesting part was joining up our skill sets to contribute for the benefit of the project. – Kristen

Triptiek 2016 Marina Coenen UNAN catwalk

The showstopping UNAN look on the catwalk. Photo by Marina Coenen.

Collection Unan - Triptiek 2016 - Photo by Isabel Janssen.

Collection Unan – Photo by Isabel Janssen.

Lolita Kamper, (I)FD

404’s conceptual starting points were 3 icons: Che Guevara, Malala Yousafzai and Mahatma Gandhi. All fought the status quo. In 2025, privacy in more ways than just on the internet will be in question. Innovative materials which block radiation and interference from signals are the first sign of protest, a glitch in the system. The presence of recycled rubber in the showpiece represented a rebellious attitude towards a standardised vision on fabric. Our brand’s financial plan invests in research and development to stay one step ahead of the others.

404 - Triptiek 2016 - Brand Experience - Photo by Len Land.

404 brand experience. Photo by Len Land.

404 Backstage - Photographer Isabel Janssen

404 backstage. Photos by Isabel Janssen.

Despite the idea that designers have the heaviest workload with Triptiek, we managed. It was different than how we normally go about designing, working with the big group to first capture the 2025 scenario and develop the brand concept. Sure, explaining the choices to your team takes more time than working alone, and there will always be people who don’t agree. You want everybody to be excited and proud about the whole project. Sometimes choices that you didn’t agree on at the beginning prove to be worth it in the end. I think working in a group gives you more perspectives, ideas and energy. The most useful thing about this project is learning to work with each other’s strengths. – Lolita

Photoshoot and Backstage Photo (L) Joris van der Ploeg (R) Isabel Janssen

404 photoshoot and backstage. Photo (L) by Joris van der Ploeg, (R) by Isabel Janssen.

404 Runway - Photographer Marina Coenen

404 on the catwalk. Photo by Marina Coenen.

Alexander Michielsen, (I)FM

4WARD is inspired by urban developers, who design spaces where people meet and interact. Our brand’s stand had an audio tour built into a silent disco. In between the shows we were a popular meeting place. The idea of solitude and detachment from others is a problem now, but will be even bigger in 2025. By having fun and bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together, 4WARD reinforces human connections.

Students build scale model Triptiek 2016

Team 4WARD developing the brand experience.

Triptiek 2016 - Photoshoot 4WARD

Detailing captured at the 4WARD photoshoot.

For me, Managers and Designers are more often oriented to the market and creating the product, while Branders focus on the ‘how’ and the ‘why’. Once we set our eyes on the same goal, we could sketch a path to get there. One of the insights that stuck with me is the need to create a solid hierarchy and clear division of roles within a creative team to be successful. Although we’re specialising, in real life a Manager also needs to be able to think creatively and use graphic design skills. Designers and Branders also need to understand business models and finance. So our brand motto is true: ‘It is only together, that we can truly move 4WARD.’ -Alexander

Triptiek 2016 - Photographer Alex Grolleman

4WARD’s showstopping design. Photo by Alex Grolleman.

Silent Disco 4WARD Photo by Len Land

4WARD’s audio tour and silent disco. Photo by Len Land.

10 icons, 3 weeks and 10 concepts by 270 second-year students. Explore the several TRIPTIEK 2016 community page FB albums with work from all ten brands experienced in Het Sieraad. The aftermovie is live on AMFI YouTube!

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Article by second-year (International) Fashion & Branding student Orla Tiffney.

Triptiek 2016 - Photo by Isabel Janssen.

Realize the now! 10 brands, 1 experience. Photo by Isabel Janssen.

The 10 Icons of Triptiek 2016

The 10 Icons of Triptiek 2016, tap to expand.

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